Aural Expressions of the Soul

When listening to music, it is amazing how much emotion and expression can be felt in a single chord.  I am a musical person, so I feel great emotion with great music (some people may feel it with paintings or sculptures or even a great math problem).  When listening to a magnificent composition, I hear not only the notes and the melody and the harmony and the rhythm section, but I can feel the amount of passion that the performers feel while creating the music.  On paper, music is a science.  There are chords and counter-melodies that flow accurately and beautifully.  But when executed, the music becomes a living thing.  It ebbs and it rushes like water, and the person creating it has the control over how they want it to sound.  All of the personal identity of the singer or band member is poured into the music they create, and they are letting someone they have never met before see their deepest desires and feelings.  Creating music is an incredible form of trust in the world and in yourself.  While the performer may be insecure in other aspects of their life, it is still possible to utterly lose yourself in a spectacular piece, and the confidence that hides is able to come forth once more.

To me, music is a way that I can express myself thoroughly without the chance of being hurt.  When someone criticizes my vocal abilities, I know that they are merely telling me that I need to improve my voice or my tonality in order to be a more accurate and impressive singer.  But I never sing without passion.

When I see people singing, it is obvious that they enjoy themselves.  Some people are more outgoing–you can see the energy in them straining to be released.  But there are some who are smaller in their outbursts, yet passion for performing still lies in them, but it is of a different kind.  Their passion is quieter, it is–to use the cliche–a glowing ember that can burn for hours, instead of the bright flame that might burn out at any point.

Music has existed since the dawn of time–when the Earth was a ball of molten rock, there was the sound of the waves of lava.  When the continents, now solid, collided over the span of millions of years, the percussive slam of the plates resounded (the sound of earthquakes).  When birds call to one another and coyotes wail in the night, music fills the air.  Music is not only what humans have written and created, but it is in the very nature that surrounds us.  We are part of that nature as well.  This is where science and art share a common influence–humans evolved from the basest form of nature, the blue-green algae.  This algae was a parent to every living thing on this planet.  And everything that lives on this planet makes its own music.  This is why music is so powerful, because it inhabits every molecule on this small rock in the middle of space.  The key is to know how to listen for it.


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