To Clean or Not To Clean…

Anyone ever put their pants on backwards without realizing it, and then wonder why you feel so weird?  That happened to me this morning.  Three times.  It was like being in the Twilight Zone.

Anyways, today is Saturday, meaning I got up to do laundry and some homework.  However, there are about 4 people (me included) in the laundry room fighting over 2 washing machines.  I got  there first, so I got a machine.  But I think next time I’ll wash on Tuesday morning so to avoid the awkward confrontations.

While digging through the “Free Bin” (a bin in all the dorms that people can put clothing or shoes into when they no longer want them–if another student doesn’t claim them, it gets bagged up and taken to a charity), I stumbled across an Ann Taylor wool plaid pencil skirt.  It’s barely too big for me, so I could probably wear tights under it and it’ll fit perfectly.  However, it’s about 2 inches too long–so I’ll have to hem it at some point.

Next on the Saturday agenda was the gym.  Yesterday I did 2 miles on the elliptical (in record time, I might add).  Today I did 1mi, a break (between 2-5 minutes, depending on my breathing), .75mi, a break, .5mi, another break, and finishing with a .25mi sprint.  Together, that’s 2.5mi.  I’m hoping that each time I get on the machine I can run faster and longer than I did the time before.  I would run outside, but my lungs are not accustomed to the frigid, dry air, and I would like to condition them in the gym before I challenge myself to run out in the cold.  Hopefully I will be able to run in the cold (eventually) without feeling like a fish out of water–sorry for the bad cliché.

I have found that breathing is a key component in the ability to remain calm. I notice that when I am stressed, or frustrated, or angry, my breath becomes hurried and shallow, a minimal form of hyperventilation. My breathing is normally an outcome of heart rate, but when it comes time for me to calm down, the breath becomes a forcing factor. Since my elevated heart rate is causing rapid breath, I need to forcibly slow my breath in order to slow my heart rate. Many people don’t consider the link between breathing and clarity of the mind. But when your frustrations or anxiety cloud your thoughts, as they do with me, it is essential to practice breathing. I do yoga and choral singing–with both activities I am conscious of my breath and actively controlling it. After a few minutes I am much calmer and less likely to lash out.

I still need to go buy hangers for my clothing, which is getting increasingly wrinkled sitting in a pile in my closet… However, I don’t want to drive into town until I can run many errands (I have a list) and gas up my car at the same time–it’ll be a trip that will probably cost me upwards of about $60.  I’ll go next weekend.


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