Red Knuckles, Shaking Limbs

Have you ever worked out so hard that when you were done you had forgotten how you normally walk? That was me yesterday. I did my 2.5 mile cycle on the elliptical with the sole focus of making running each circuit in less time than the previous time. For the first mile, I cut off 30 seconds. For the next circuits (.75, .5, .25) I cut off 10 seconds each. Needless to say, by the time I was done, I could barely breathe, and walking was a bit awkward.

Today was different. I went to the upstairs punching bag and did some boxing practice. I guess it wasn’t pure boxing, because there were some MMA moves in there, too. Anyways, I decided to replace my lost hand wrap with prewrap. Not the best thing to protect knuckles, but it did the trick. And there’s only so many times you can use prewrap before it’s torn and sweaty. Usually, that’s once. But I went and boxed in the gym at my school until my wrists began to get a little sore–about 25 minutes (I have very weak wrists, but I’m working on it). After that, it was 10 minutes on the elliptical to change things up a bit and to get my heart rate back up. I didn’t know how much I missed boxing until I did it again!

Frankly, I don’t know how people could burn 3500 calories more than they consume in a single day. Doing the math, I burned 200 with my workout, but I ate sooooo much more than that (bacon and eggs). I don’t see the logic in trying to starve yourself and workout a ton because that just triggers the survival state of your brain, and then your body starts to naturally expend less energy and conserve more fat. Because it thinks you’re starving. In my opinion, it’s better to enjoy what you eat, and enjoy what you do. Just don’t eat when you aren’t hungry–that’s the killer. I’m looking to stop myself from arbitrarily snacking as well, and it’s hard, because I eat when I’m bored or stressed (from school).

Anyways, enough about health and fitness. I’m not an expert, I just watch a lot of TED Talks.

Had my first voice lesson on Friday, and I was incredible how she could tell I was dehydrated just by listening to my breathing and my vocal tone. I didn’t even know I was dehydrated! Apparently it’s a lot easier to be dehydrated in winter (as opposed to the hot, humid summer) since the air both inside and outside is so dry. Another lesson on Tuesday, and I have homework–practice breathing, practice a specific French song she printed for me, and to drink a LOT of water.


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