Birthday and Snow Day

Well, on Sunday, February 9, I turned a whopping 21 years old!  I spent all day doing homework, and treated myself to dinner off-campus.  I suppose having lived in Denmark for 4 months, finally being able to drink legally in the US isn’t all that exciting.  I got myself a glass of wine (Simi Chardonnay), and barely drank half of it.  I’m living life on the edge.

After dinner, I had a callback for a play I auditioned for, called LOL or Artificial Intelligence.  I got cast in it, too!  I will be playing Charlene, an alluring southern woman.  I am southern…sort of.  But alluring?  No.  I’m more of a “I don’t know what I’m doing so I’m just going to make weird faces” type of person.  But I’m actually really glad I got cast as her–if gives me a chance to expand my acting skills beyond the sassy and sarcastic pranksters I normally play.

This week I had classes, nothing interesting really happened.  Except today, I woke up to a lovely email that told me that college was closed today because of the snow!  Yay!  It gives me a chance to do some homework and some laundry.  I hope I can make it to the gym today, as well, but I may not get there in one piece, based on how much snow is coming down.  Maybe this afternoon it will be a bit easier.  Unfortunately, I had to miss my normal workout yesterday (upper body strength training) because I pulled a muscle in my shoulder shoveling snow off my car two days before.  But I won’t miss another workout this week!

Rehearsals for Vocal Jazz and Chorale are going really well–I have an audition for a solo in Chorale next Monday.  We’re singing a Georgian piece and there are a few solo opportunities.  Fingers crossed!  The Big Broadcast is coming up soon, and I just ordered my dress and shoes for it (yay!).  They should be here next week.

Well, it’s back to doing homework for me, and then to the gym.  I hope the laundry room isn’t too busy, I’d like to get a load or two done.


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