Mindful Love

So I tried my hand at writing a poem–got my inspiration from reading some Robert Frost (I love that man).

Here it is:

Trust not your heart,

For it shall lead you astray;

This I thought to myself every day.

Listen to your reason,

For it shall guide you true;

Yet reason feels not what love can do.

Our minds had joined in congress,

Our hearts were thus attracted.

Upon your face I long to look

And let my heart rejoice.

Though you are gone and we cannot be,

I regret not the path my heart led me;

For though reason screams another thing,

Love let me feel life in me again.

I think it’s okay, I just kinda started writing.  A bit prosaic, but I like using older forms of grammar and vocabulary (thus, trust not, etc.).  It makes me think of Shakespeare.  Though this is in no way like anything Shakespeare wrote at all, and I don’t claim it to be.


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