In the midst of a grey sky and an average bowl of cereal, all I can think about this morning is how completely and utterly spent I feel.  Unfortunately for me, I have a midterm this week.  There’s no rest for the dead.

For those of you who were wondering why I’m so tired, I had a performance yesterday.  It was absolutely fantastic and stunning.  I’m a member of my school’s jazz ensemble, and every year we put on a live radio show as accurately as we can (except we don’t actually broadcast on the radio).  We play songs from the 1940s or a little before, dress in costume, do our hair and makeup to suit the period, and even perform a radio play.  This year was the 9th anniversary.

It was a wonderful performance, but the week before it was STRESSFUL.  Tech week is always like that.

I barely survived Monday (yesterday).  But then Tuesday (today) came around and I’m feeling much more content.  The sun is shining, it’s around 50 degrees F outside (so warm!) and spent the day getting work done, some yoga, and visited the greenhouse for the Flower Show.  The greenhouse was probably the best part of my day!  The brightly colored flowers, the sweet and fresh aroma in the air, the warmth.  Today is starting to feel like spring.  Winter is a season that is too long, in my opinion.  So is summer.  Spring and autumn need to be longer–mind temperatures, soft winds, warm sun…

Only 2 days to go until Friday, and then SPRING BREAK!  Meaning sleep, homemade food, dogs, cats, sunlight, and more sleep.  Can’t wait!


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