Badger Balm Unscented Face Oil Review

I recently contacted Badger Co. about some concerns I had with their Damascus Rose Face Oil–it contains lavender, a scent that is incredibly irritating to me (and most of my family).  When I asked if they were planning on selling an Unscented Face Oil, they kindly offered to send me a sample, something which happens “once in a blue moon!”

This is by far the best face moisturizer, astringent, and overnight skin treatment I have ever used.  And it’s conveniently in one product!  I am a scientist (not dermatology or anything, but I can do my fair share of research), and I understood the chemistry behind using oil on your skin instead of glycerin (like dissolves like, etc. etc.).  However, the part of me that was brainwashed by the media advertising the benefits of “oil-free” products didn’t want to believe it.  Because why would you put more oil on oily skin?  Well folks, don’t listen to the media about this kind of stuff–you’ll find all kinds of fads involving health (*cough* kale *cough* quinoa *cough*), usually because a celebrity does it.  I tried using coconut oil on my face, only to find out a few weeks later that because coconut oil is waxy and thicker than our skin’s natural oils, it is comedogenic.  Meaning it clogs pores.  Which is what causes acne.  Which isn’t good.

Badger Balm’s Unscented Face Oil does not contain any comedogenic oils.  I don’t feel comfortable releasing the ingredients, though, since the product itself hasn’t even been released yet.

Here are the notes I took each day after applying the oil at night and going the whole of the next day without doing anything else to my skin:

Day 1:

-Skin absorbed oil well

-Skin looks radiant, not shiny

-A few hours later, skin feels soft and supple

Day 2:

-Skin soft the next morning

-applied makeup directly, no oil

-Skin did not dry out after 12+ hours of wear!

-Used oil to remove eye makeup

Day 3:

-Skin soft next morning

-Sore on chin healing well

Day 4:

-Skin seems to glow

-Soft and smooth

Day 5:

-Same as day 4

I had a sore on my chin (unfortunate bug bite) that was refusing to heal for about 2 weeks.  After I started using the Badger Face Oil, the sore started to heal a lot better (skin is better moisturized, antioxidants, trying to not scratch my face).  My skin just also started to look healthier without makeup.  I felt like I was glowing.  Not shiny.  GLOWING.  That kind of glow they always talk about, but you can never seem to get.  I was ecstatic when I saw how my skin looked at the end of the week.  I had never had such healthy skin before.  I had never had GLOWING skin before!  And most importantly, I had never had skin that I didn’t have to moisturize every 10 hours, while still having that awful oily T-zone that never seems to disappear.  With this face oil, it’s as though my skin is finally on the same page as me: don’t make my forehead oily, and don’t let my cheeks and chin turn into a desert.  Thanks very much.

Note: this oil isn’t going to replace any dehydration from not drinking enough water.  So if you have really dry skin, I’d suggest trying to drink more water.  Helpful water tip: when you start to feel thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated.  So go drink that wonderful H2O!


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