Skin Balancing Scrub

So here’s the deal.  I’ve spent forever looking for a body/face scrub that works, but doesn’t scratch my skin up, but also doesn’t send a bunch of chemicals and plastics down the drain (those exfoliating beads in commercial body scrubs are plastic, fyi).  I decided to do some research about skin and its properties.  As it turns out, the natural pH of skin is between 4 and 7–which is acidic.  All those baking soda scrubs may not be the best for your skin because baking soda has a pH of 8-9, which is basic.  I had always wondered why people would add lemon juice to homemade scrubs.  Wouldn’t the acid burn the skin?  But after learning about how the skin prefers to be acidic, it make so much more sense!

So I thought about making my own scrub.  I used honey and salt, because honey is moisturizing and has a pH of around 3-5, while salt is good for combination/oily skin.  In the absence of lemon juice, I decided to try using apple cider vinegar (organic with the Mother–more beneficial ingredients).  Vinegar is also a preservative.  Vinegar and honey are one of the few foods that never go bad (or take a very long time to spoil), so it seemed ideal to use in a scrub that I could then put in a can and store.

I mixed about a tablespoon of honey with a splash of vinegar, and enough salt to my taste (everyone has different exfoliation preferences).  I spread the mixture on my face and let it sit a few minutes before I washed it off.  After the first time using it, my skin felt softer than when I used any other scrub or sponge!  I am wary of letting the mixture sit on my face any longer than 5-10 minutes, due to the fact that my skin is relatively sensitive.

I’m looking forward to using it again in a few days!  Hope to see how the mixture treats my skin, and how my skin behaves using it.  After the first use, I am optimistic that it will continue to leave my skin feeling soft and healthy.

Note: I don’t agree with everything this Huffington Post article says, but the advice about sugar vs. salt scrubs and red skin warning is pretty good.

Another note: I forgot to mention it before, but make sure your vinegar that you’re using has been diluted to 5% acidity or less, or else the vinegar could actually burn your skin.  That being said, don’t leave it on for too long, either, 5 minutes should be plenty.


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