Willkommen in Frankfurt!

First things first.  If you ever plan of traveling outside the US, download this app.  Before you leave for your destination, download the cities you’ll be visiting.  So far, I’ve only been in Frankfurt for 3 hours and it’s helped me find my way around the town my hotel is in.  When you first open it, it may take up to 10 minutes to find your location, but don’t despair!  When it does, it’s actually incredibly accurate and helpful!

Also, another friendly tip: use Trivago to help you find any hotel you need.  I found City Hotel in Bad Vilbel for $46/night for 6 nights.

Now, onto the story: when I got to the airport yesterday, I didn’t expect to get on the flight at all. At my luckiest, I expected to get an economy seat in the back, which I was more than okay with. Once I got on the plane, the gate agent came and found me. I was afraid she was going to kick me off the plane to put someone else on. But no! I got UPGRADED to Global First class. Talk about luck! So I spent 7 hours on the plane in a comfy chair eating delicious pasta and ice cream, a free Heineken, and sleeping in peace.

I arrived in the Frankfurt airport and immediately found the help desk for the Deutsch Bahn. I purchased a week-long pass for the metro and bus lines for 38€. My hotel is actually outside of Frankfurt, in Bad Vilbel, so my pass was a little more expensive, in order to take me there. So far, I haven’t seen anybody swiping their passes or scanning them at any machine–perhaps it is an honesty-based system, and they only check passes every so often?

The train ride from the airport to my hotel took about 2 hours–if only because I spent a lot of that time wandering around the station trying to find stuff. That, and the S6 metro train only runs once every hour. The actual time spent on the train and metro amounted to only an hour total. After arriving in Bad Vilbel (which is, in short, a quaint and adorable town), I walked to the second closest bus stop and took the bus to the hotel. Of course, I can’t check in until 2 pm and right now it is 10 am. Luckily for me, they are kind enough to hold my bags behind the counter for me while I make use of the hotel computer. Next stop, food. Perhaps I’ll wander the town until I can check in and refresh…


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