One of the first things I noticed about Frankfurt when I left the airport was how clean it is.  It’s pretty much impeccable, save for a few cigarette butts and one stray coffee cup at train stops.  Also, loads of recycling bins.  What even better than that?  The people actually USE the bins.  That was an incredible sight to see.  Also, there are pigeons who clean up any dropped food crumbs.

Another thing I noticed was how cold it was!  Having just spent a few days traveling down the east coast of the U.S. in 80-90 degree heat (mid to high 20s in Celcius), landing in Frankfurt to highs in the mid 70s was so refreshing.  Except I didn’t pack enough clothes.  Whoops.  Now I know for the next time.

Currently, I’m in the train station waiting for my train to Baden-Baden, and old bath town right on the edge of the Black Forest.  With any luck, I’ll be able to wander the historic woods (now a national park!).  Then after that, spend an hour or two in the baths, which are renown for their healing waters (really jut heavily mineralized with salts, copper, and so on).


Keep you posted!


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