Baden-Baden and the Black Forest: Willkommen in Schwartzwald!

Baden-Baden was pretty awesome.  I like it much more than I do Frankfurt and Bad Vilbel.  The interesting thing about Baden-Baden was the architecture.  I imagine, because it is a historic Roman bath site, the architecture also has roots in that time.  The thing is, the town’s style was very…Latin.  So much so, that it reminded me of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Except it, too, was cleaner.

A little south of the town were 2 smaller towns which were decidedly much more German in style (or so I assume, I may just be judging from stereotype): Lichtental and Geroldsau.  These two are nestled in the middle of the Schwartzwälder, or the Black Forest mountain range.  All 3 towns are completely lovely.

You can take a bus (the 245) from anywhere along that road (starting at Leopoldsplatz in Baden-Baden) to Lake Mummelsee.  Along that route are many stops you can get off to hike from.  But don’t do what I did, which was try to hike a trail alone in a forest I’ve never experienced before without any maps, without being able to speak the native language (in this case, German, but it’s on my bucket list).  It was fine for the first 2/3 of the hike, but the final 1/3 was downright spooky.  I never trust a forest that goes completely silent.

After that was a must do for everybody: a trip to the Caracalla-Therme.  The local spa.  2 hours is only 15€ and you can take advantage of the showers, steam room, sauna, cold pools, warm pools, hot pools, red light therapy, and solarium (extra cost for that one).  It was the best decision I made all day.


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