Deutschland part 2

Currently, the city of Frankfurt is seeking to restore its Old Town.  The area was destroyed during World War II, and in the following decades, people remained indoors in the business district, instead of milling outside as they used to (to trade and eat and hang out).  Now, people are becoming more and more interested in hanging out in Old Town, but the place had shrunk significantly over the years.  Due to the demand for a sort of commune, the city is spending time rebuilding the area.  Of course, it means many of the old buildings (like churches and museums) are surrounded by scaffolding, and therefore impossible to enter.  Despite this, however, the Old Town is still charming and bustling with locals and tourists.  Not to mention the antique shops and souvenir shops selling handmade German items!  Great place to buy a cuckoo clock.

While I was sitting at a fountain in Museumpark, a man came up to me with an enormous camera.  Apparently, while I was calculating my expenditures for the week so far, he had taken 2 photos of me at the fountain.  He approached me to ask if he could use the photos in the German press agency he worked for.  Needless to say, I was very flattered and said yes.  So if anyone is looking into weather for Frankfurt tomorrow and see a woman in a purple dress sitting by rushing water, do tell me!

Today was spent shopping.  I found a shop near Old Town that sold souvenirs–but only ones that are actually made in Germany.  From there I got a gorgeous 1-day cuckoo clock and an unpainted ceramic beer stein that depicted the different major cities in Germany, as well as the German Eagle found on government buildings.  Both were more expensive than their non-German made counterparts, but also higher quality upon close inspection.  Anyone who wishes to go to this store, it is the Handwerkskunst am Römer.  The salespeople there are incredibly helpful and knowledgable about their products, and one of them helped me choose the beer stein (steering me away from the most expensive, which ironically was not the highest quality one).


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