Bratwurst, schnitzel, bretlzel/ EINTRACHT FRANKFURT — DANKE, BITTE!

German food might be my favorite thing yet.  It’s pretty much this: meat (fried or not), potatoes (of much variety), mustard, cheese, bread, and beer (also of much variety).  The other day, I ate white asparagus with Black Forest ham and hollandaise sauce, paired with roasted potatoes.  Yesterday I had bratwurst with mustard on a bread roll.  Today, I had schnitzel in a roll.  German food is pretty much everything I love about food.  It’s often their version of fast food.  And it’s so darn delicious.  Some people believe this food to be “touristy German food”, and perhaps they’re right.  However, I personally believe that whatever food is sold at the carts on the street or in sports arenas is the food of the current culture.  In Copenhagen, street vendors sell candied almonds and fransk hot dogs.  In Frankfurt, it’s wurst and bretzels (pretzels).  Of course, each place has their own levels of food “authenticity” at fancier restaurants–otherwise we in America are doomed to be reduced to triple burgers and mystery meat hot dogs (come to think of it, most American food is European in origin, just altered over the years).

Today I went to an Eintracht Frankfurt game (a team ranked 9 in the Bundesliga) and got myself a scarf, as per the usual (I have decided to go to a game every time I visit a new city, and when I do, buy a scarf).  It was the last game of the season and it was packed.  Because of that, it was impossible to get lost trying to find my way there because I just followed the mob of people in red and black.

If you thought that because I was attending a Bundesliga game, I would meet tons of Germans, well, you’d be wrong.  Sitting with me in the nosebleed section of the bleachers were a Korean, Scotsman, Irishman, and Italian (who spoke no English and showed me over 20 photos of him posing with various women, a very Italian thing for him to do).  All were very interesting people, and I enjoyed a philosophical discussion about gender and sexuality with the Irish and Scots men.  I geeked out about soccer with the Korean woman, who was studying in Munich.

Now, checking out the various cider taverns in Sachsenhausen (if I can find them).  Tomorrow, Heidenberg.


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