Hair Care

Ok, so right around the middle of college, my hair changed.  It started to thin, got oily and straight — for reference, I used to have SUPER thick, dry hair with large natural barrel curls.  And I LOVED it. Once my hair changed on me I realized I had no idea how to take care of it.  After a few years of struggling, I think I found a solution.  Firstly, I had to admit to myself that I no longer had the hair I loved so much.  That took a while, actually.  It’s hard to admit that something you loved about yourself, something that you felt so proud of for year, is no longer.  Of course, once I admitted to myself that I have different hair than I used to, it became much easier to learn how to take care of it.  At this point in my life, my hair is fine, oily, dandruff-filled, and barely wavy at the ends of my hair strands.

  My hair in March, 2015

I went through a few products to deal with oily hair with dandruff, but I soon realized that with hair as sensitive and thin as mine now is, I need to be taking care of my hair with products without sulfates and surfactants that can end up damaging hair in the long run.  I think I have found the solution.  After doing a lot of research about DIY remedies for thin hair and for oily hair (and trying to weed out the bad blogs) I think I have found my solution, thanks to Crunchy Betty and some personal improv based on my own hair needs.

What I did was blend together 1 egg, apple cider vinegar, water, and honey and soaked my hair thoroughly with the mixture.  Then I let my hair sit for about half an hour all wrapped up so the mixture wouldn’t drip down my face.  Then, I rinsed my hair out with cool to warm water and gently dried it with a long-sleeved t-shirt (to not tear out hair by tying it up in a towel).  Now, my hair is bouncy, curly, shiny, and super soft.  Of course this is only right after doing the rinse.  I’ll have to see how my hair fares after a few months, rinsing my hair once every 2 weeks.



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