I’ll be hooooome for Chriiiistmaasss…

Update: this was supposed to be scheduled to post yesterday but that didn’t happen.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, 2013

Favorite version of the song here and here.

Today I am driving 14 hours to my parent’s house (don’t worry, I wrote this a few days ago, so I’m not ACTUALLY driving as I’m writing this) to spend Christmas with my family.  While I have legally changed my residency to my current place, a lot of my stuff has not yet.

On my way back to the old place, I’ll be stopping by my alma mater to watch the greatly-anticipated Vespers Concert (which I participated in myself 3 years in a row).  It’ll be wonderful to hear holiday music from dozens of different cultures and composers, as well as say hi to a few of my old friends.

Then it’s hanging with the fam’ and packing up all my old stuff for about 3 weeks before hitting up Busch Gardens Christmas Town with them and my live-in boyfriend (who is coming to visit with my family once he’s done visiting with his) and then driving back home with me and all my stuff for another 14 hours of road-tripping in the car.

Hope you all are having a good holiday!  Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to over the holidays (all links are for Spotify):

Ok you got me.  The choral pieces (except for Mitt hjerte alltid vanker) were all performed at one point by my choir at my alma mater — that’s how I heard about those songs.

What are your favorite holiday season songs?  All holidays welcome!

Greenland, 2013

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