8 Hours in Manchester, UK

So this post is coming WAY later than I hoped it would but oh well.

When I drove to visit my family for Christmas, I never expected that I would end up a few days later on a plane to Manchester in the UK for a day and a night (of course, I’m too exhausted to check out any of the night-scene because I spent the 7-hour flight here completely awake).  That leaves me about 8 in the day where I’m actually functional and able to take in the adventure.

So here it is: 8 perfect hours in Manchester, UK.

  • Eat at Red’s True Barbecue, Manchester
    • This place is always packed for a reason.  When we went there, we waited an hour for a table, and were graciously awarded for our patience with heaping piles of some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life (and I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of amazing barbecue — my parents are from Texas and Mississippi!)
  • Visit the Christmas Market
    • Okay, so we lucked out and arrived right during the last week of the market so everything was on sale, but from the 2 dozen stands to the giant light-up Santa on the building to the amazing food, it’s worth worming your way through crowds of people to experience.
  • Go see a Manchester United or Manchester City soccer (football) game
    • Yeah I understand that not everyone loves the beautiful game as much as I do, but hey, it’s my vacation, not yours.  And besides, I make it a point to see a game and collect a team scarf from international cities that I visit.  So far I have 4 (Eintracht Frankfurt, Paris St. Germaine, F.C. Kobenhaven, and now Manchester United).
    • There’s nothing so thrilling as being a part of the mad house that chants and cheers and jeers during a live game.  In my opinion, it’s easy to stop paying attention to a game on the screen, but when it’s there right in front of you, and you’re getting rained on and people are shouting in your ear and the stands are shaking, it’s really fun to let yourself get caught up in the energy.
  • National Football Museum
    • On that same note, go check out the National Football Museum.

While this is in no way a comprehensive list, I think it’s good enough to get some people started.  No doubt there are better and longer lists than mine, but I really enjoyed my trip!

Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “8 Hours in Manchester, UK

    1. Haha unfortunately, yes. Apologies for getting this post out so late (or early, however you think about it) in the year! But good for planning for this next Christmas vacation! If I find more secular Manchester tips, I’ll send them along.

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