Stress-free Shopping!

“I can’t afford a personal stylist!” YES YOU CAN!

So I’m kind of obsessed with this thing called Stitch Fix.  It’s basically a site where you can get personalized clothing and accessory choices as often or as infrequent as you want (like Trunk Club, but for women).

You fill out style surveys, fill out your sizes and fit issues (for me, thicker arms and legs from sports), which patterns and fabrics you don’t want, and so on.  I’ve gotten some of my favorite clothes from them (wearing the leggings right now).  They ship you a box with a prepaid return postage label and return bag, and you have 3 days to tell them which items you want to keep, so you can wander around the house in the clothes to see how much you like them and how comfy they are.

If you’re like me and you prefer online shopping to window shopping, you’ll love this site.

AND AND AND if you click the link, I get some shopping money for them and you get awesome clothes and styling advice!

Happy shopping!


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