Ew, junk mail again?

How many people hate being sent promotions and unwanted credit card offers and random fliers from Lumber Liquidators (I mean seriously, I’ve never even been to their website let alone their store, and yet they still manage to find me!)?

Well not only is it incredibly annoying, but it’s also incredibly wasteful!

Of course when you truly sit and think about the amount of energy and resources going into making and delivering all this junk to your mailbox, it’s staggering.  And with the benefit of not receiving more junk mail, some less-eco-consciously minded people might be interested in this article simply to get less annoying junk mail (and that’s okay).

One of the sites works by doing single request forms in case you want to keep some catalogs and so on, while the other offers you the chance to remove your name from every list in one single blow (I like that one best).

Whatever your reason, check it out.


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