I’m in love…

… With a pastry.

More specifically, a Danish hindbærsnitter.  It’s a lovely raspberry toaster tart (what Pop Tarts are based on, except amazingly 10000% more delicious because it’s not a high-fructose corn syrup sort of product).

Aren’t they beautiful?

I found the recipe here, on the blog called My Danish Kitchen.  She also has tons of recipes for Swedish and Finnish cookies, Danish/Swedish meatballs, Rye bread and more!  Some of my favorite recipes are on there.  These hindbærsnitter are my favorites from there.  And a perfect breakfast with coffee or tea on a lazy Sunday morning!

The frosting I made my using the leftover jam at the bottom of my mixing bowl and mixing it with powdered sugar and some water until I had the consistency I wanted.  Bam, raspberry frosting!


3 thoughts on “I’m in love…

    1. They’re amazing, and very rich. The hard work into making them totally pays off, and if you’re like me and you mix the dough by hand then you’re getting a mini-workout in. Try using only local ingredients if you can, like jam made without syrups, local fresh eggs, and whole grain flour (will need to adjust recipe for whole grain versus white, obviously).

    2. Plus, what’s wrong with a little bit of indulgence every now and then? Better to be happy and eat in moderation than force yourself to eat things you don’t like!

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