I made another thing!

I’ve got 2 bugs in me right now.  A cold, and the sewing bug.

I just finished my first skirt, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s a dark wash stretch denim with contrast stitching wrap skirt.

Isn’t it amazing?

A little tip for you, if you get sick and subsequently have sick brain like I do, make sure you quadruple check your pinning before you see anything because I somehow managed to pin together a bunch of pieces backwards and then see ALL of them, meaning I had to go back and undo all that stitching and re-pin and re-sew everything again which took FOREVER.

I’m also thinking next time I make this skirt it’s going to involve a fabric that doesn’t fray, like wool felt or a thin, flat fleece.  Then I don’t have to constantly try to finish off seam allowances to prevent the fabric from unraveling because I’m lazy.


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