I can’t keep saying “I made a thing”

This weekend was the weekend I had been looking forward to since I started sewing.

I made a dress.  Out of white sweatshirt material (with the fuzzy side on the inside, of course).  And it is SO COMFY.  It’s a 60’s style shift dress, ideal for fabrics that can hold their shape, but are still flexible, like double knits.

The pattern is the Coco dress by Tilly Walnes.

The pattern also comes in a shirt version and one with a funnel neck, which I plan on doing next (maybe with a thick flannel fabric?).



5 thoughts on “I can’t keep saying “I made a thing”

    1. Luckily this wasn’t too stretchy, with it being a sweatshirt knit, but it was more difficult than a normal fabric. Tillyandthebuttons.com has great advice for sewing with knit fabrics on her blog, but in short, it was best to use a ballpoint or stretch needle (they’re better with thicker and stretchier fabrics) on the machine, a reallyyy good iron, and TONs of pins while sewing. Patience is always good too — sewing very slowly and methodically to make sure you aren’t stretching the fabric as you sew it while also readjusting every so often to remove any puckers or wrinkles.

  1. I’ve made 2 of these too and I wear them all the time! Ponte di Roma is awesome to work with – and warm too so it’s a great Autumn/Winter dress. Love Coco!!

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