My Delphine Skirt

I made a gorgeous linen skirt with the pattern from the book Love at First Stitch.

To be honest, I had several moments of “hmm… that won’t do at all” but they were all relatively easy fixes: I tried adding pockets (and succeeded!) but the style pocket I chose didn’t suit the style skirt; I thought the skirt was going to be see-through because the fabric is thin and pale (but it isn’t!); I had to add some darts on the back waistband to help it fit me better.  But after all that, it’s turned out and it fits like a glove! (though I might go back and fix the hip seams to tailor it to me a bit more).


The linen fabric used a 75/11 needle and just plain cotton thread with a smaller length straight stitch (just preference, but I had a gut feeling it would help with any fabric-unraveling issues that might crop up in the future).

It’s such a flattering mod-60s style skirt that I definitely plan on making it again.  And maybe adding patch pockets on the front instead of the internal pockets I tried adding the first time.  We’ll see!


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