I just finished a new favorite article of clothing: my Clémence skirt from Love at First Stitch by Tilley Walnes.    

This pattern is amazing because it’s a pattern that you make yourself!  Drafted from 3 rectangles, you can adjust the sizes to vary the amount of gathering at the waist and the length of the skirt to be anywhere from a mini to a midi to a maxi!  

I also learned a very important lesson during this session: Use the Correct Needle.  Unfortunately, I only learned it because my needle bent.  Fortunately, it only happened right on my final stitch on the garment.  I was using a 75/11 needle when I should have been using a larger one, but the cotton I was sewing with was somewhere between thin and medium so I wasn’t sure which needle would be best.  To be fair, I didn’t start having issues with the needle until I had to start sewing 3 layers of fabric together at the end.  Note to self: don’t be lazy with your needles!

The fabric is a custom one I made at (link on the sidebar) based on a skirt I saw from ModCloth (I love the skirt but it just wasn’t quite right, so I made my own!).

I love mine at the length it is but I would also love to get a nice crepe fabric or chiffon to make a lovely floaty maxi skirt for summer.

Future garment inspiration (both are Anthropologie):



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