DIY Dressmaker

So I suppose “dressmaker” isn’t correct in this case because I actually just made a shirt.

Oh yeah I also made a dress, but despite my best sewing efforts, the style of the dress just didn’t suit me so I won’t be featuring it in this post.

Anyways, here is my newest accomplishment, but definitely not my “piece de resistance” (insert appropriate accents as you please) since I plan to continue making more and more amazing blouses and skirts and dresses in the future — and probably at least one pajama set.


This is the Coco top/dress pattern from Tilly and the Buttons.  You may remember the Coco dress I made a few weeks ago out of white sweatshirt material.  This is the same pattern, but it also included directions on how to shorten it into a lovely and comfortable top!  The contrast yoke I added myself with advice from Tilly’s blog about a contrast-yoke Coco.

With a stretch 90/14 needle and some royal blue thread and great advice from Tilly’s blog post I decided to give it a go and make my own contrast Coco top!  I’m also pleased to say that there were fewer mishaps this time: in fact, there were only 2!  Once where I sewed the shoulder seam backwards (double sided fabric is confusing!) and once where I ran out of thread in my bobbin and didn’t realize it for 5 minutes… that was a lot of not-sewing happening then.

I’m also pleased to say my design instincts are improving after years of not dreaming of my own clothes (all throughout middle and high school I wanted to be a fashion designer).  I even keep a little book of the patterns I have, the materials they need, and some extra pages for fabric color ideas for each pattern I have.  And what else I’ve found helpful is limiting my wardrobe colors so I don’t go insane in the fabric store buying every color in the visible light spectrum (which I totally would).  Not only does it save me time, money, and the regret of making clothing I know I won’t wear, but it also guarantees that most of my clothing will coordinate with each other!

And in case you’re curious, my main color palette is green, blue, and purple, with some small accents in orange and yellow thrown in (next project is another Coco, but in a wine color with short sleeves, contrast stitching, and an orange breast pocket and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT).


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