Another Coco!

So Coco is, so far, my favorite pattern.  I’ve already made a dress and a funnel-necked shirt.  Now I’ve just finished an elbow-length version of it, too!  It’s one of those patterns that, once you get it down the first time, is really easy to bang out in half a day, or less if you’re dealing with less fabric to sew (shirt as opposed to dress).


For this one, the hardest part of it was the neckline.  While the funnel neck of my chevron Coco looks complicated, sewing the neck on is actually easier than sewing the neck into a band like on this shirt.  The second hardest was the pocket.  But other than that, the shirt is a breeze, once you’ve had practice with sleeves already (I hate 3/4 sleeves).  This pattern is incredibly easy to modify to fit better as well.  this time, I angled the shoulders at more of a right angle to gape less at the neck and shortened the sleeves about 5 inches from the “short” version, as well as sewed in a bit closed on the side seams to make it more fitted.

I was extremely excited about this shirt because of the colors I had chosen.  Purple and orange is one of my favorite color combinations out there and I managed to find the perfect shades of both colors to go together.  The wine color just seamlessly flows with the mango colored pocket and maroon stitching. 

The fabric is a huge component with this style.  The thicker and stiffer your fabric is, the more structured your piece looks.  The recommended fabric for this is a Ponte di Roma knit, which I’ve found to be a wonderful fabric.  It has just enough stretch to be comfortable (but not as much as a jersey knit, which can be difficult to work with), is incredibly soft, and doesn’t fray at the ends.  Coco is my favorite pattern, for both dress and shirt.  I can’t wait to start sewing structured dresses with darting, but I doubt they’ll ever beat out the Coco for comfort and casual ’60s style!

Again, bad hair, great shirt!


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