Badger Balm Hair Oil

I grew up with dry hair and a dry scalp.  I used tons of super-ultra-moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and after-shower leave-in conditioners and hair sprays.  My hair was frizzy-wavy — the kind that starts off the day with gorgeous barrel curls and ends it with an extra 2 inches of semi-transparent body.  When I hit college, all of that changed.  My scalp and hair started ending the day with a layer of grease on it.  My curls faded.  My hair went from fluffy to limp in 2 hours post-shower every morning.  I started to shed skin from my head every time I scratched it.  I would shampoo and skip the conditioner every morning, and by the time I went to bed the roots of my hair was oily and the ends of my hair was dry and staticky.  

Pre-college hair

That’s when I started upgrading to shampoos that used coal tar as the anti-dandruff agent.  And for a while, it worked!  But then I noticed a wave of acne and irritation sweeping its way down from my hairline across my forehead.  While my head was no longer shedding skin all over the place, my hair had lost its luster.  After trying many products to return the health and shine to my hair, I was always shirking away from ones that contained oil.

Mid-college hair

I’ll be the first one to tell you about the ways oil is helpful for our skin (even if you have oily skin) because stripping your skin of the sebum it produces only accelerates sebum production.  I have dry/oily skin and I use an oil cleanser and face oil instead of moisturizer.  Yet for some reason my brain refused to make the connection between face and scalp, and so I kept the oils away from my hair.

I finally lost all hope and patience and contacted Badger Balm, a company I’ve loved for ages, about my hair issues.  With their advice in mind, I purchased all 3 of their hair oils and a bar of soap, and began experimenting.  For the first week of oil-and-soap once a day, my hair was too oily.  Of course, I expected this.  It takes a bit of time for your sebum glands to respond to external factors.  After the second week, I had reduced my hair oil usage to a once-to-twice weekly scalp treatment using the Seabuckthorn or Jojoba, and a small pump before each shower massaged into my scalp and gently scrubbed out with a bar of soap, finishing the shower with a tiny amount of Argan oil on the ends of my hair.   

Post-college hair
 Oily hair, as with oily skin, should not be avoiding oils, but rather embracing them.  I now wash my hair once every other day using this method.  And so, with pride and shining hair, I can declare that my curls have returned, my scalp no longer sheds, and my hair is well-balanced and healthy!


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