The Lovely Agnes Top

Hello, hello, hello!  This week my project was the most challenging undertaking as of yet!  The dreaded, yet lovely, Agnes jersey top by Tilly and the Buttons.  Behold the slippery, ruchéd beast and tremble!

This top was deceptively difficult for me.  While I expected the ruched front to be the most difficult part, it was actually the sleeves that gave me the most trouble.  The fabric of the bodice kept managing to slip underneath my stitches as I was attaching my gathered sleeves so I had to keep ripping out seams to re-sew them.  

After having some practice sewing with a double knit fabric for the Coco pattern, the jersey itself wasn’t too hard.  As long as I kept stitching slow enough to keep readjusting the fabric as I needed, and used the right stitch and needle.

Next Agnes shirts are two striped ones (teal and white, and two shades of grey), and a GORGEOUS floral shirt that I’ll probably work on next.  



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