The Difficult Agnes Top

I learned some new things about fabric today:

  1. Hatchi knit is really soft and pretty
  2. It’s almost impossible to sew
  3. It will get tangled in your machine if you do it wrong
  4. It’s almost too stretchy to work with
  5. I’m never buying hatchi knit fabric again

My second Agnes shirt I decided to make, sans ruching because of the super lovely floral pattern, was almost impossible to sew.  I am still not sure the hems that I sewed together are going to hold–the fabric is so stretchy that no stitch seemed to hold its own against the what appeared to be 75% horizontal stretch.  This shirt is definitely going in the wash on the delicate cycle.  Speaking of which, I need to buy a drying rack for clothing…

I cut the neckline an extra inch to accommodate for the super stretchy fabric, which was a really good move on my part, otherwise it would have never lay flat.

I seem to have a habit of buying fabric that’s almost too difficult to work with but I can’t seem to keep myself away from it.  I mean, just look at how pretty it is!


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