The Cozy Agnes Top

This week I made my third (really my fourth) Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons .  This top is quickly becoming one of my favorites alongside the Coco (which is almost like the beginner version of the Agnes).  

While it is one of the more difficult patterns I’ve worked with, this is mostly due to the nature of the fabrics I had chosen to sew.  For instance, my first top was surprisingly easy considering I had chosen a slippery fabric.  The stretch was ideal and the fabric holds its shape very well.  My second top, however, was much more difficult, and it was sewn without all the optional ruching, which generally ups the difficulty level — my second top was sewn with a super-stretchy, very thin hatchi knit, which was almost sheer, and the looser knit tangled up in my machine several times.


Post-breakfast crumb-brushing moment.
Looking back on it now, this grey fabric is probably where I should have started.  The stretch is stiffer, the fabric holds shape, the thick stripes help the ruching seem more apparent, even when the elastic isn’t drawn that tight.  The only issue I ran into was that the thick stripes made mismatching sleeves more obvious.  You can see where one sleeves stripes match up wonderfully with the top, and the other doesn’t.  Although, the thick stripes and the way the fabric constantly rolled up on itself increased the difficulty level as well.

Nice and clean now!
Now I know that this is my 4th top and I’ve therefore posted these out of order, but I don’t have a picture of my in my 3rd top yet because I’ve been wearing it around the and troubleshooting some issues I’ve had.  I’ll talk about those issues when I post that top.



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