The Soft Agnes Top

This, my fourth Agnes top (actually my third but for some troubleshooting I had to do with it), was made out of a simply divine turquoise jersey knit with thin white stripes.  Unfortunately, because of the amount of stretch and the thin fabric, the ruching on the sleeves kept pulling down on my arms, so I had to tailor the top a bit to take some of the weight off the shoulders.  While sagging itself wasn’t a huge problem, it was pulling the neck off my right shoulder, which was a definite no-no.

The way I fixed my issues was by trimming in the side seams of the underarm area.  So far it seems to have fixed 90% of my sagging issues.

If you can see in the photos above, another problem I had was uneven ruching between sleeves.  This is the main reason that one side is sagging-and-dragging more than the other.  Of course, that’s one really difficult thing to fix, so since the side-seam fix managed to help most of my problems but not all of my problems, I think I have another fix to try out.

Have you ever tried on a dress with shoulder straps, and then seen the strip of ribbon running along the shoulder on the inside of the strap?  That’s a bra strap hook thingy (technical term) to keep the straps from slipping down, on either the dress or the bra.  That’s my idea as my final fix for this shirt.  It will either keep my shirt neck from slipping, or it will just drag the bra strap down alongside it.  Either way, my bra straps won’t be showing!




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