The Dominique Skirt

Dominique, nique, nique … American Horror Story, anyone?

Moving on from that, the newest addition to my handmade wardrobe is the Dominique skirt! 


It was a nice and simple design, which was a good place to relax to after stressing over the Orla.  

Let’s discuss the pockets, shall we?  Firstly, they’re amazing.  Secondly, they fit my entire iPhone 6+ and the monstrosity of a case that protects it.  Thirdly, have I mentioned how amazing they are?  Just a nice fold over pocket!

The buttons I hand sewed on.  The inspiration for the skirt actually came from a skirt I saw in Anthropologie a few months ago.   


I catalogued it with a discreet and quick photo while shopping and have been planning this project ever since.  And I love the way it turned out!

This skirt came with a flared skirt option and in two different lengths — mini and knee-length.  I figured for the straight skirt, the mini length would be less constricting.

I can’t wait to move on to more projects!  Perhaps the Mathilde blouse I’ve been avoiding all these weeks?


3 thoughts on “The Dominique Skirt

    1. I unfortunately do not! Each time I start a project I keep meaning to take photos during the session and then get so into the sewing that I forget to take photos! I will definitely catalogue the next project, though!

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