The Polka-Dotted Agnes Top

Ok I know what you’re thinking.  “But Sarah, you said your next project was going to be the Mathilde blouse!” and you’re right.  It was going to be — however, I already had the fabric for this shirt cut out (and I hate cutting fabric SO MUCH) and I already know this pattern so it was a quick and easy project to just pound out at the end of a hard day and I’M A CHICKEN.  A BIG, FAT CHICKEN.  I admit it!  I’m afraid to make the Mathilde because it’s a gorgeous pattern and I have gorgeous crepe fabric and I don’t want to mess it up!

Anyways, with this top I expected the fabric to be too stiff and un-stretchy, but in fact it’s the perfect fabric for this pattern!  It’s a plain cotton jersey, but is a bit thicker and has a tendency to curl at the edges when it gets stretched out — however, this gives it great hold and body for the sleeve detail!  I’m a bit afraid I should have cut down the neckband a little more but I think after a wash or so it should shrink back up again.

The only time I experienced a real issues was when my sewing machine ate part of a sleeve when I was trying to sew on the elastic for the ruching.  Once I managed to pull all the fabric and threads out I had to go cut a new sleeve.  Thankfully that was the only slip-up that occurred, and after that the ruching went swimmingly!

I probably should have trimmed the waist seam in a tiny bit more but I expect washing to help it, and this means I won’t ever have to deal with a shirt working it’s way up my waist because it’s too tight on my hips!

And shame on me I know that ironing is a HUGE help when doing things like hems, but the sleeve hems were so small and the fabric was so eager to stay folded that I just finger-pressed the sleeve hems and sewed them like that!  Hey, it all worked out alright!  I still used the iron when doing the bottom hem, okay?


All in all, I’d say this shirt was a huge success!  I made it in about 2-3 hours (probably would have been shorter if it weren’t for that sleeve mishap) and absolutely love it!

And I know I need to make that Mathilde blouse, but darn it if I don’t just love making Agnes tops!  I’ve got 3 more planned and then I PROMISE I’ll start the Mathilde.  Or maybe I’ll make a yellow Delphine, or maybe try my hand at a dress!  Hmm… Françoise or Martha?  Well, no matter what I choose I still need to cut out that fabric (and trace the patterns — my least favorite part).

Happy sewing!


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