The Fun Agnes Top

Yeah yeah yeah I know I’m still procrastinating.  But hey, better to enjoy what I sew, right? 

This Agnes top I initially designed to have ruched sleeves, but the fabric is a really soft and drapey ITY knit and when I sewed one test sleeve I saw how saggy the sleeves were.  At first I was a little sad, but I think with how loud the fabric is the poofy sleeves would have been a bit too much.  I think the ruched front is just enough extra to shape the neckline but the folds barely show up anyways so it’s not a big deal.

Enlight1 (4)

This fabric was the most slippery fabric I’ve worked with yet.  It just goes to show that even if you’re using the same type of fabric as before (my black and white Agnes was also an ITY knit, but had more body and wasn’t as slippery) it’s not always going to feel or act the same.

Enlight1 (3)

This one didn’t go as smoothly as the polka dotted Agnes I made, but that was because of how thin and slippery the fabric was.  More than once it got sucked into the machine, so I had to start sewing farther away from the edges and then turn around and backtrack.

Enlight1 (2)

I’ve found that for sewing with these types of fabrics, there are 2 stitches that I have fallen in love with.  I don’t really know what they’re called, so I’ll just illustrate them below:

For seams, I use this one


And for hems and stuff that needs more stretchability, I use this one:


These have basically become part of my sewing ritual.  I’ll even use them for things that don’t have a lot of stretch, like ponte knit.  I just can’t get over how effective they are and how good they look.  The first stitch is actually quite thin and works really well for small side seams; you can still press the seam open when you’re done.  The second one I find superior to a regular zig-zag because the needle makes smaller stitches in between.  To me it just feels safer and less likely to snag or bust open and unravel (I could be wrong).

Enlight1 (1)

I’m obsessed with this pattern.

Ok, after this one I only have 2 more Agnes shirts and 1 Agnes dress left, then I have a Delphine skirt, a Mathilde blouse, a Françoise dress, a Martha dress (those dresses are going to be AMAZING, by the way), an Arielle skirt (also going to be amazing), and a Coco dress.  Then I think I’ve run out of fabric…  Which means, of course, I get to go buy MORE fabric!!


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