My Badger Balm Ultimate Set

So anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE Badger Balm.  And recently I’ve been experimenting with different varieties of their facial care supplies: face cleansing oil, face oil, and beauty balm.  While I have yet to try the Argan line or the Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Oil (with dry skin I was told not to use that particular cleansing oil), I do think I’ve found my ideal combination.

Damascus Rose Face Cleansing Oil


I first tried this oil from the Damascus Rose Deluxe set and I must say, I love it so much more than the Unscented version of it.  I’m not entirely sure why it feels so different to me, but it really does.  In comparison, the Rose is lighter, smoother, and washes off easier (instead of the greasy leftover feeling from the unscented oil), which also prevents the now-dirty oil from sticking around and causing bad-skin-breakouts .

I was worried the scent would be too harsh and irritate my sensitive sinuses, but on the contrary.  As opposed to the Rose Beauty Balm, this cleansing oil has a very light scent (which I contribute to it being less concentrated than the balm).

For those of you still on the fence about cleansing oil, I (a woman with sensitive dry/oily combo skin) Badger blog wrote a very helpful post about it — and they’re pretty quick to respond to follow-up questions, too.  As for me, I highly recommend it — it removes makeup in a flash, and doesn’t leave skin tight and irritated afterwards!  For extra skin-scrubbing awesomeness, I recommend using it together with a Konjac sponge to help gently exfoliate at the same time (can be found here, here, here, and here — I personally love the rose clay one).

Face Oil

This one is a little bit more difficult to choose between.  I actually have some I prefer depending on the season and humidity.

There’s the Damascus Rose Face Oil, which is nice, thin, smooth, and soaks in quickly.  Really great for more humid, hot days.  The Sea Buckthorn Face Oil is a great everyday usage oil, especially in the warmer months (plus it smells AMAZING).  And the Unscented Face Oil is the one I started with — thicker, longer residence time on top of your skin.  Great for day in winter and as a night oil in summer.

Sea Buckthorn Beauty Balm

Ah Beauty Balm.  Not quite solid, not quite liquid, but definitely amazing.


The Beautiful thing about Beauty Balm is how multi-purpose it is.  In winter, I use it as a night treatment for my skin; in summer, I use it to spot treat any delicate skin (eyes, healing sores and scratches, dry knee and elbow patches, etc.).

Now one of the differences between this balm and the others that I’ve tried (Rose and Unscented) is that this one is middling in how quickly it soaks in.  My skin soaks up the Rose balm very rapidly (can use for cold winter days), and the Unscented on sits around on my skin for a very long time (also good for dry winter nights).

On top of the residence time is how well they work to help my skin in any sort of “healing” process (Badger is not technically allowed to claim that these are any sort of skin treatment because of legal and medicinal reasons).  But I can say that for me, when I have a monthly breakout, dabbing some of this balm on the area keeps the acne treatment from destroying the surrounding skin in the process, and helps the skin heal faster once the acne is gone.  This jar is a miracle to own, and I can say for sure that I’m definitely keeping it around.

If you’re not sure what the difference is between a Face Oil and a Beauty Balm, check out this post.

And if anyone at Badger is listening, I’m quite sure that I, alongside others, would love for a “Build Your Own” face care deluxe set (with a lovely discount like the other Deluxe Sets) on your website.


My favorite Badger soap is the Moroccan Mint because it smells great and isn’t irritating to my sensitive skin, and it a great bar to use on face and body.


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