The Fancy Agnes Top

Ok, ok, I know, I said the last top was my last one — but in my defense I made this before that and have just been troubleshooting since then.  But on the Agnes front the only planned project left with this pattern is an Agnes dress (out of a royal blue ITY knit that is just to DIE for).

This shirt was planned to be much different, but after making and fixing the others to my desire, this one ended up as a long-sleeves instead of a short-sleeved shirt.  It was also supposed to have a ruched front and plain sleeves, but that ended up as a ruched front and ruched sleeves, which then turned into a plain front and ruched sleeves.


Originally when I was sewing this, I was trying to use gold thread since I didn’t have any pink.  Of course, the noob that I am didn’t think about the thickness and stiffness of the gold thread (or how itchy it is) in advance, and sewed the shoulder and neck seams with it.  Aside from it being thick and messy to sew with and destroying my machine, it was a pain to have on inside seams.  Quite literally, the thread rubbed my skin so much it eventually caused physical pain.  So I had to redo some seams here and there with regular thread; the rest of the seams

I did sew it with front ruching but after wearing it around the house a bit I decided that “pink” and “super-ruffly” aren’t quite a good combo on me.  After I removed the front elastic I found I much preferred having only fluffy arms with the pink-ness.  And something about this top, perhaps the feel and drape of the fabric, that makes me feel like it’s a little bit fancier than it’s previous counterparts.

I just finished cutting out the pattern for an Arielle skirt (navy pin-dot chambray with white and yellow buttons — SUPER excited for this skirt) and once my zippers come in then I’ll start on a Françoise dress




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