The Summer Coco

On Thursday I took the day off work (because I just finished exams and needed a day to recover before throwing myself back into things) and went for a run, then to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics over in Bangor.  After being lazy and not wanting to leave the house all winter, it felt nice to actually go get supplies and restock my thread and zippers.  While I was out I stocked up on white thread so I could finally get to the dress I’m wearing here.

This is definitely a variation of the normal Coco pattern — I nipped in the shoulder and side underarm fabric by about 1.5 – 2.5 cm (about 0.5 – 1 in)  each so the tank straps wouldn’t gape too much, took in the waist more and made the skirt straighter at the bottom.  Even after taking in fabric for the tank sleeve, I still had to pull stitches and take it in more because the sleeves would just not. Stop. Gaping.  It would have been frustrating if I wasn’t in such a good mood.

The pocket was a complete accident.  I didn’t plan on anything with this dress matching up with each other until I started to put the pocket on the dress and saw how wonderfully it matched up with the pattern in that section.  I did take the neck higher in the front which, in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have done because now the fabric creases there, but I don’t think it looks bad so why stress about it?

The tank sleeves probably would have cooperated a lot better if the fabric had more stretch to it (stretch them as you fold and sew and the elasticity pulls it back to your skin once you’re done, so you can sew it tighter).  But it’s a pique knit, which is really comfy but not so kind for things that need lots of stretching to accomplish.

Below you can see the dress that first inspired me (but I’m a polka-dot gal, not a stripes gal) being worn by one of the most inspirational women in history.  A father who was a Nazi sympathizer, Audrey defied her father and secretly aided the Allied movement in Europe.  After several years with a successful acting career, she left in order to work for UNICEF and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


6 thoughts on “The Summer Coco

  1. This is absolutely stunning!!

    As you’ve discovered, tops and dresses need to be tweaked if you take the sleeve off, as patterns with sleeves have slightly larger armholes and wider shoulders than sleeveless ones. Great work altering it. Now I want to make one!

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