The Yellow Delphine Skirt

Hello all!

This week I made (among other things) a lovely Delphine skirt.  Those of you who may remember, I made one a lot earlier this year out of an off-white linen fabric.  There were some issue with the way the pattern turned out of me, however, so I’ve been waiting for the day that I can make a new one.

For this time around I made the skirt flare out more and adjusted the back skirt fabric so that it didn’t pool at my back.  I also took the waistband and adjusted it to allow it to skit better on my waist, instead of being too loose at the top of the band and too tight at the bottom.

I also added some pockets, though I admit to some difficulty trying to see them in.  For some reason it was harder for me this time around and the pockets just wouldn’t lay flat with the side seams like they’re supposed to (as you can see there).  I’m hoping after a wash and wear they’ll start to behave better.

This weekend I also made a Francoise dress (that’s not as great as expected so I’m calling it a muslin) and a GORGEOUS blue Agnes dress.  Up next on the docket, an Arielle skirt, a Mathilde blouse, a color-block Coco top, and a Martha dress!


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