The Color-blocked Coco

So I’m currently working on my post for Madrid, but until then I’ll tell you about my color-block Coco that I made a couple of weeks ago!

I was inspired for this top by one I saw on Pinterest (as it goes):IMG_7328

Now I loved the color palette they chose, but when I stopped to think about it I realized it just wasn’t very me.  I think the pink and grey are perfect together, so without using pink, it meant I needed a different color for the yoke — and so when browsing fabrics, I stumbled across this blue scuba-knit and it’s AMAZING.



Enlight1 (3)
Yes, that’s a chinchilla cage in the background.
The white is also a scuba knit — in fact, it’s supposed to be the EXACT SAME as the blue, but once I finished sewing and put it on, I felt a distinct different in the texture of the fabric against my skin.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, of course.

Enlight1 (1)

I am a tad concerned about the pocket being much too long.  This, like the fabric texture, is another thing I didn’t notice until I had finished sewing it on.  I may take it half-off and trim the top a tad to make it shorter, or I’ll just be lazy and deal with a uniquely-long breast pocket.  Time shall tell.

What I love about the Coco pattern is how versatile it is!  You can do all sorts of color blocking and variations with the pattern, and it’s easy to tailor to yourself.  For instance, I have slim shoulders, so the boatneck in the pattern had to be adjusted to fit me better (I only do this when I don’t have the neck funnel).  As you can see, this neckline fits much better than my purple Coco (which I have since altered slightly to keep the neck from gaping).

Another great thing about the Coco is how easy it is to make, and yet it still looks so clean and put-together (rather than throwing on an old, ratty t-shirt, toss on a Coco!).

I’m very eager to start the Martha dress, but after a gross failure with the Françoise (I’m sparing you the images of it) I’m waiting until I can invest in a dress form and form padding to make the dress super-tailored to fit me.  With that in mind, my next two projects are (insert fanfare here) the Mathilde blouse and the Arielle skirt!  Finally!

These are definitely going to test my patience and skill, I know that right now.

Once I finish those I hope to find the perfect fabric for a Fifi pajama set (so cute!).  I also have some Paper Moon patterns stocked away for when I feel like I want to challenge myself and make a wool cape or a Moonrise Kingdom jacket.  Great things are happening!


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