I’m Back!

I know I’ve been AWOL recently, but I went on vacation with my family and am also currently swamped in work.  So this post is just an easy update while I procrastinate more on my Madrid post.


About 2 weeks ago I had a job hemming a bridesmaid dress — hopefully I’ll see the photos of the wedding lineup so I can see how it looks in action!

Earlier this week I removed the pockets from my Delphine skirt to make the seams and the whole thing just sit better.  Not sure if I’ll add any front patch pockets or not, but I now realize I prefer this pattern without internal pockets.  Much more streamlined!

I also fixed some side seams on shirts that had a bit too much sag to them on the sides at the bottom hem.  That was an easy fix.


Once I get some free time (not sure if that will ever happen…) I am going to work on my Mathilde blouse and Arielle skirt.  I’ve decided to practice patience and hold off on my Martha dress until I get a dress form, so I can make sure zippers and darts and seams all line up in the back and not end up with another Françoise disaster…

Speaking of which, I’m hoping to try that again, but with better (i.e. not stretchy) fabric.  Preferably in a pastel green or yellow.  Anyone have any ideas?  This time around I’ll probably do raglan sleeves that stop right above my elbows instead of trying to struggle through tank sleeves — they were such a disaster last time that I think I’ve been traumatized — and MAYBE a collar… still deciding.  It depends on the fabric, I suppose.  Also my collection of dresses needs some variety, so having sleeves for once would be a welcome change.  Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment!

I’ve ordered some Papercut Patterns that I’ve set aside for when I’m ready for a much bigger challenge: a Watson jacket, Milano cape, Waver jacket, and La Sylphide dress.

Also, I’ve drafted out a hack design of the Agnes top involving a keyhole and a tie!  Can’t wait to try it out!

Well, that’s my update.  Sorry if the lack of images makes for a boring read.


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