The Polka-Dotted Arielle Skirt

(Cue 1960s funk intro sequence):

This week I dove in and sewed myself an Arielle mini pencil skirt.  I had been planning this one for a while and kept putting it off because I was afraid I wasn’t ready.  And for once I’m really glad I procrastinated as long as I did because this skirt couldn’t have happened at a better time!  It was just challenging enough to make me stop and think about some steps more thoroughly, but not so challenging that I messed up on important stuff.  Yeah a few buttons had to be removed and sewn back on, the darts had to be adjusted a few times, but all of those things are tailoring problems, not creative problems.

The fabric is a pin-dot chambray (I have a new favorite fabric) that I got online at . Buying online isn’t the best idea but my fabric store is really lacking in the way of knits so I usually get those online — and this fabric for the skirt I got as a swatch first.  Pro tip: with woven material, finish the edges as you go rather than doing them at the end.  It breaks up the tediousness of the work.

I’m really glad I decided to do a second row of buttons.  It makes it more “me”!

That’s one piece of advice I’d give out to dressmakers who feel as if they’ve hit a rut: play with accessories!  Stock up on buttons and rick-rack and lace and when you feel like your item is just too… ordinary then pin on a bunch of different things until you find something you like!  Then hopefully your brain will have sparked up a bit and your next creations will be more fun and unique from the start!

Also keep around a sketchbook devoted to your sewing ideas.  I tape in fabric swatches and make lists of things I need to buy for a new project and it is SUPER helpful.

Next I PROMISE I’ll tackle that Mathilde blouse — I finally think I’m ready!  Until then, happy stitching!


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