The Floral Skirt

Sometimes, I have an idea for a piece of clothing and then I find the fabric for it, and other times, I find a perfect fabric and then try to decide what to turn it into.  This skirt is a result of the latter.

Inspired by the simple Dominique pattern from Tilly and the Buttons, I used the same idea to create this skirt.  Nice, comfy elastic waistband which also serves as a way to make the skirt gathered and floaty; straight, clean lines down the side seams.  The waist measurement was at least 3 inches wide than my hip measurement, to make sure the skirt didn’t cling too much.

Enlight1 (3)

But instead of a straight hem, I cut out 2 pieces of fabric on the fold.  One shaped like half of a typical cartoon house shape (trapezoidal, shorter hem at the fold, longer at the side seam), and the other was longest at the fold and shortest at the side seam.  Or rather, that was the intention.


I accidentally did the back section of the skirt backwards, so I had to cut a line down the center fold, turn the pieces over, and sew them together so that the skirt would be longest in the back and not on the sides.

Enlight1 (2)

The side seams are French seams, and the hem and waistband were folded twice to ensure no fraying ends would be exposed.  Of this skirt, the hem proved the hardest thing to sew.  Not only does my machine not seem to be able to have a low enough thread tension for a thin crepe fabric like this, but the curved hem made it almost impossible to hem the skirt without it being uneven and pulling and puckering and rolling up all over the place.  Was definitely a trial in patience for me.

After I figure out how to loosen the bobbin tension on my machine and go fabric shopping, I’ve got a gorgeous pair of forest green crepe Marigold pants and a lovely rainbow Fifi pajama set planned!

Happy sewing!



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