DIY Clay Mask

Taking some tips from Humblebee & Me about her various glorious face masks (who doesn’t love rubbing cocoa on their face?) I decided to write up about my frequent masking adventures.

While she provides several recipes for those who want it to be exact, I found a work-around for myself since I tend to make the same exact thing with the same ingredients every time.

When I first tried the mask I wasn’t 100% sold.  After only 1 use, it didn’t seem to be very rewarding.  But the next weekend I found myself spreading it on again, reveling in the 20 minutes to myself (during which I drank tea, watched TV, and did other hedonistic personal care things).  When I washed the mask off that second time, my skin felt refreshed and relaxed, and it even looked a little bit happier.  Needless to say, I’m a convert and I try to do a mask once a week now!

Below are some general steps for getting a lazy beginner’s mask done.

First: I bought a big ol’ bag of green clay from Amazon.  Not too expensive and has taken me forever just to get a third of the way through it.  Definitely worth it.  Can also get bulk clay from New Directions (as a beginner I had a hard time choosing from there).  Note: the type of clay you want is the illite clay, not the bentonite.  If you’re worried about the pigment leaving stains, avoid the reds and blacks and stick to the yellows, whites, and greens (color determined by proportion of certain oxidized compounds in the clay).  Now that I’m no longer a “novice” for face masks, I’ll probably buy a second variety of clay for testing out!


Second: Use a tea strainer or something with that metal mesh on it.  You’re going to treat it like a sediment sieve.  Add some of the clay to it, and shake gently until the big pieces are separated from the little ones.  Be sure to do this over a bowl to catch the fine particles, and don’t shake it so vigorously that you’re making it airborne!

Third: I use Badger Balm face or body oil for this part.  Grab 2-3 large pinches of the fine clay and put it into a bowl (or just sieve right into the bowl).  Add a few pumps of face / body oil (or a blend of oils you like).  Add a bit of water.  Mix with a wee whisk or your fingers until it’s a nice, spreadable consistency.


Fourth: Spread on your face!  Sit tight for 20-30 minutes until dry.  Yes, it feels itchy as it dries, but try to not scratch it off your face.  Note: the more oil you add to the mixture, the less it dries and itches and the more moisturizing it is.  I like to spread any extra on places that get irritated with heat rash or keratosis pilaris.  Feels great and works wonders!  Next, hop in the shower to rinse it off nice and easy (but not with soap).


Fun things to add to mix up the mask: fresh flower petals, dried flower petalscocoa and coffee,  honey, and almost anything else you can think of!  As you add dry ingredients, reduce the amount of clay, and as you add liquid ingredients, reduce the amount of oil and water (etc.).

Do some research, read some stuff, and have some good, dirty fun!


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