Two Alternatives to “Lesser Evils”

This election season has been crazy.  While a) the majority of voters under 30 would prefer Bernie Sanders to have been given the Democratic candidacy, b) major Republican officials and party figureheads shudder to endorse Trump, and  c) a staggering 39% of registered voters identify as independent, we still can’t manage to break apart from the bipartisan system our country is stuck in.  Our nation is 250 years old, and other free countries in the world have surpassed us in terms of how well our political system represents us, the people it was meant to represent.

If you really think the only two options you have this election season are a big-mouthed bigot and a warmongering corporate sellout, boy are you wrong!

  1. Check out Republican / Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in this promo video — here’s a perk: both candidates have serious experience running very successful governments in the states of Massachusetts and New Mexico.
  2. Check out Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign site.  Jill has a background in medicine and hias been trying to grab Bernie for the Green ticket as well.

I know how some of you must be feeling.  “But if I don’t vote for _____, then _____ will become president!”  How about a hypothetical situation?  Travel with me to the future…

It’s the year 2017, and we have a new president.  This president only won by a meager plurality vote of 35%.  News media outlets are abuzz: the American public has shattered the mold that the previous 46 presidents have built for us.  The president only has to win the most electoral votes in order to be elected.

Traditionally, candidates win with at least 50% of the popular and electoral vote.  Only a few times in history has a president won with only a plurality.  (Side note: if a presidential candidate gets less than a majority, the electoral college gets to choose the winner from the top 3 candidates themselves.)

Our new president couldn’t muster up enough popular votes to win the presidency in their own right.  Millions of people voted for 3rd party candidates.  Congress is faced with a decision: either incense their public and lose their positions in the legislation, or change the way we vote for our leaders.  Primaries are no longer viable options and the two-party system has failed.  The public is demanding a government that accurately represents their views.  And Congress must answer.

Now is not the time to vote out of fear for something worse.  Now is the time to change the way we vote in order to avoid being afraid in the future.  We should not have to sit enslaved by our own government.  With each new election comes a candidate crazier than the last, and if not now, then when will we demand change?  When will our government start to work for us rather than ignore us?  In order to enact true, lasting change, we must grit our teeth and bear the short-term trials that our decisions bring.  People call us “selfish” for not choosing a lesser evil this round, but we are not the selfish ones.  We are looking to make the future a better place, even if it means we endure 4 years of discomfort from a candidate we don’t like.

Our system is broken.

Now is the time to fix it.


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