Deep Cleansing Midnight Face Mask

The more and more posts from Humblebee & Me that I read, the more and more of a DIYer that I become.  This post was one that intrigued me — but for a long time I was too afraid to try it.  I kept telling myself that the ingredients are too harsh, the mask is too drying, the whole thing was just unreasonable.  Boy oh boy was I wrong.
I’m the type of skin that hates everything.  Dry everywhere except my forehead (which is oily), angered by the slightest mention of store-bought lotions and soaps, responding to irritating affronts with a new, inflamed outbreak of acne and bumps.  No treatments worked — ProActive, Clearasil, any sort of “anti-acne” acid or treatment — in fact, they only made things worse.  Any blackhead treatments for my nose only resulted in peeling skin, with blackheads remaining.  

Where I thought this charcoal and clay mask would have destroyed my skin, I found it only made my skin feel (at last!) refreshed.  Where the recipe calls for bentonite clay, however, I replaced it with rhassoul clay.  For the oil, I used Argan Face Cleansing Oil from Badger Balm.  For the 20 minutes the clay was on, I felt the gentle tingle of a detoxifying, slightly drying mask (whereas with a dried rose petal mask, I felt the burn of irritation and chose to ignore it).  

After washing the last off, my skin was smooth, silky, clean, and also very dry.  Follow that up with an immediate coating of my favorite face oil, and it’s an amazing feeling for the rest of the day!

This mask is definitely going to stay a part of my arsenal, along with my typical weekly green clay mask.  Up next, I’m going to try out her cocoa butter deodorant and try mixing my own face oil (a mix of Argan, evening primrose, and pomegranate).


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