Review: Hydrating Rose Water Everything Spray

From Humblebee & Me:

The idea for this Hydrating Rose Water Everything Spray came from watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Wayne Goss was chatting about how using a rose water/glycerin mist in combination with powdered mineral makeup let him wear loads of it and still have it look natural. The tutorial was on how to transform your foundation into skin, and while that title might be pushing the truth a bit, I was still intrigued.

This spray automatically piqued my interest and was jotted down on my “To-Do” list, alongside a cocoa butter vegan deodorant (review for that coming later).  After staring longingly at it online for a few days, I quickly grabbed some glass atomizers, rose water, and allantoin from Amazon (thank goodness for Prime shipping) and some local raw honey from my grocery store.  

Mixing it up was relatively easy and didn’t require too much thought or measuring.  Fill up the bottle 90% of the way with rose water, add a pinch (~1/32 tsp.) of allantoin, and a dollop (~2 tsp.) of honey, close the bottle, and shake until mixed.  Then, spritz on your face or other places you want to feel lovely and refreshed!  

But enough about how to make it.  Here’s the review:

This spray is everything I never knew I needed.  It smells wonderful and sweet without being cloying, it makes my skin happy, and it makes my makeup look better.  What’s not to like about that?  

More specifically, today was 95 degrees: not the hottest I’ve ever endured, but enough to make a flawless makeup job more of a challenge.  Powder gets cakey, creams and liquids melt right off, and there’s never a happy medium between the blistering droughts and the swamp-like humidity.  It seems like nothing is acceptable to wear in summer.  However, if you spritz some of this on every so often during your makeup routine (or just right at the end like me), suddenly your face is dewy and fresh, your makeup looks flawless, and your skin feels soft and smells heavenly.  As you go about your day you have less to worry about: that makeup is going to Stay. Put.  Finally.  On the equally bright side about this, one 2 oz. bottle of this only costs you ~$2.50 (as opposed to the more expensive, glamorous sprays you can find — think closer to $100).  So, all-in-all, this spray is a 10/10 for me.  Five stars, two thumbs up, 10.00, however you want to label it, you can’t go wrong with this lovely dash of liquid wonder.


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