Review: Clay, Cocoa, and Shea Vegan Deodorant

From Humblebee & Me:

I love making homemade deodorant, and this clay, cocoa, and shea natural vegan deodorant is no exception. Maybe it’s because it’s one of those products that gets most tied up in notions of body insecurities and general marketing induced ridiculousness. Maybe it’s because the store bought stuff is generally loaded with stuff you don’t want anywhere near your body, and then sold at a shocking markup. Maybe it’s an unconscious bid at becoming the female equivalent of the Old Spice man? Or maybe I just like to make stuff.

This was a recipe I stumble across when endlessly browsing her website.  It’s a newer DIY deodorant formula of hers, and having been trying to find the right recipe for a while (many DIY deodorants have poor reviews) I was both intrigued and wary.  I’m one of those people who is perpetually stinky and for a long while had to wear the extra strength sport deodorant.  But the farther I get into science, research, and all-over DIY-ness, the more I hate buying and wearing deodorant with aluminum.  Even the Arm and Hammer natural deodorant left much to be desired (dry, flaky skin, only deodorizing for about half of a day).  But considering I already had all the ingredients to make deodorant in my house, I figured there was no harm in trying it out.

Because I was already having mild success and little irritation with the Arm and Hammer baking soda deodorant, I figured this deodorant wouldn’t be too bad for me.  Melting the oils and butters together was no problem at all.  I tripled the recipe provided in order to fill 2 plastic deodorant containers most of the way.  I also added 1 gram of allantoin to help combat any irritation from shaving (or baking soda) and 1 extra gram of corn starch.  After mixing it together, it started to cure up REALLY FAST, so I had to hurry and scoop it into the containers before it got too goopy.

DAY 1:

I woke up this morning really expecting to smell today.  It’s humid and hot, with a 100% chance of thunderstorms right now.  The swipes of deodorant melted onto my skin with ease, and seem to even keep the typical razor burn at bay.  A slight cocoa-y, rosemary, tea-tree smell — but it fades away quickly.

Farmer’s market in the morning, walking around with that wet armpit feeling that normally accompanies a rancid stench.  Except, there was no stench.  Miraculously, I smelled fine!  I figured, this can’t last all day… As I type this, it’s 4:30 pm, right around the time that the smell of B.O. would be wafting up to my poor nose (and those poor people around me as well), and I currently smell the sweet scent of nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  My armpits smell like nothing (the essential oils I added don’t seem to stick around very long after application).  Even when I awkwardly bury my nose into my shoulder I don’t smell a single thing.  It’s glorious.

Next up came bowling.  A stuffy building with sweaty people inside it, making it even stuffier.  Again, the wonderful scent of nothing.  In addition, the butters and oils that compose the deodorant kept my underarm moisturized and flake free, even after the shave this morning!  Day 1 is a complete success.

DAY 2:

So today I mostly spend indoors in the lovely air conditioning of my home, watching SpongeBob Squarepants with my best friend and indulging in a weekly face mask (this time it was a rhassoul and charcoal mask).  So the deodorant wasn’t exactly having to work hard — but my pits still smell like nothing (and this morning I woke up covered in sweat and smelling a tad foul) after putting the deodorant on.  Becasue of the oils, you do have to allow a few minutes for them to soak in before putting on any clothing, but it’s not a bad compromise for a cheaper, healthier deodorant!

After my friend departed (sad) I went for a walk (to catch some Pokemon) and was pleased to see the deodorant withstood my super sweaty pits.  In fact, I was quite slippery.  My bra was decently damp from all the sweat my body seemed keen to produce today.  My boyfriend tested it out as well and reported it would be great if it didn’t smell like chocolate (he’s not a fan of smelling like food) — so my next plan is to either buy unscented cocoa butter (unlikely) or test out the deodorant powder (much more likely, considering I already have all those ingredients).  Considering the powder would keep me drier on my sweaty days, I might use that myself.

DAY 3:

I was going to do a day 3 test, but I’m pretty sold.  2 days of profuse sweating, and I smell absolutely fine?  I’m not making people run away from me because of my stench?

I think I’d call that a success.


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