Review: Twilight Foaming Clay Scrub

This Twilight Foaming Clay Scrub looks a bit dark, and it gets darker when it gets wet… so dark that you might be wondering how it could actually make your face cleaner. So dark that you’re probably thinking you should hide your white towels (you aren’t wrong there). But trust me… there’s magic in that charcoaly darkness. Cleansing, detoxifying, lightly exfoliating magic.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did.  But after a few rounds of trying it out, I don’t think I’m going back from it!  It’s now my favorite morning facial scrub, leaving my skin refreshed and exfoliated and ready to start the day!

I didn’t have flower petals or the SLS surfactant so I just used shaved soap instead and while it doesn’t “foam” it does feel nice and slippery, and it leaves my skin clean without being “squeaky” clean and dried out.  While it took a few tries to figure out the best way to use it (note of warning, you should not try to use a whole spoonful of powder at once) I’m loving the way it makes my skin feel and I’m definitely going to keep this recipe around!  Maybe I’ll even try some other versions of it (minus charcoal, plus french green clay?  different oils?  who knows!)

If you get a chance, try this one out!  If you don’t have activated charcoal, look at this recipe (just replace the surfactant with ground/shaved soap) or this one.


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