The Marigold Trousers

Made of flowy, soft, breathable crepe georgette, these trousers are a wonderful addition to my summer wardrobe.  While not exactly the style I prefer, I find myself wearing them despite this simply because of their wonderful, comfortable easiness for a busy summer like mine.

However, I found that I could have (and should have) gone up a size when I was cutting the fabric.  Due to the slippery nature of the crepe, it kept wiggling around when I was trying to cut it, making them a tad too skinny in the hip area.  After I sewed the legs together I had to let them out halfway from a 5/8″ seam allowance to a 3/8″ or so through the thighs.  However, the waistband is still slightly too small, meaning I have to gently wiggle it up my hips in order to get the pants on.

In regards to the style of the pant, I’m not sure how I would change them to be more “me”.  The peg-leg style trousers aren’t really my style. But I love the idea of an elastic band trouser with pockets.  I suppose just letting out the leg to a straight-leg fashion would be a start, creating a more flowing silhouette from the hip down.  I won’t know until I try!  

The original pattern is part of a jumpsuit pattern called Marigold from Tilly and the Buttons.  Definitely check it out if it’s more your style!  My next sewing project is a Watson jacket hack (adding a hood) out of super cheap red flannel for my Halloween costume.  Can you guess what I’m dressing up as?


2 thoughts on “The Marigold Trousers

  1. I think they look great on and I like the border print at the bottom. I have this pattern but haven’t seen it yet as I can’t decide whether it’s me, thinking I should just make the trousers too and I like the idea of straightening the leg out.

    1. If you do straighten out the leg, let me know how it goes! I’m thinking my next pair will be like that, from slightly stretchier fabric, and maybe a pair of breezy shorts as well!

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