The Bow-Tie Agnes

This is a project I’ve been waiting to do for a while.  I’ve always loved pussy bows or bow ties on women’s shirts and just couldn’t wait to make one for myself.  So when I found this fabric I knew exactly what to do with it!

It’s a very faintly stretchy, midweight ITY knit, so the tie itself holds its shape very well.  It also helps to keep the collar upright and prevents sagging at the keyhole I added.  Not to mention, I love the color (purple is my favorite color)


The only issue I found was not taking the fabric width into account — so I ran out of fabric to cut the sleeves.  This meant I had to cut the sleeves against the grain, which I honestly didn’t expect to be as much of a problem as it turned out to be.  In doing so, the process of stitching the sleeves onto the shoulders left the shirt with very … wiggly  shoulder seams, not to mention the lack of stretch in the perpendicular direction of the fabric meant the sleeves are quite snug on me.


You can probably also see how the shoulder seams seem (lol) to fall below my shoulders a tad and you’re right — though I’m not entirely sure what caused that this time.  Whatever it was, I’ll be rectifying that soon, just pulling the seam up a touch and sewing the fabric to the shoulders again, but this time farther in towards the neck.  I’ll also probably shorten the sleeves a touch (again) because they’re just too darn.

The shirt is pictured with a skirt I picked up at a vintage store — this one I believe was from the 1970s and had a broken zipper and missing button.  So I removed the button tab at the back and installed a new zipper!  The skirt is wool and lined and the whole piece is so incredibly well-made that I couldn’t find any places that needed fixing other than the zipper.  I expect it can get another 40 years or so out of it before it finally falls apart!


4 thoughts on “The Bow-Tie Agnes

    1. Sure thing! I can draft up some drawings of the pattern changes I made, but that might take a few days before I can post them. In short, I brought in the neckline and extended the collar by doubling (or tripling, need to measure it again) and making the collar as I would a headband or waistband, then sewing it onto the neck.

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