The Green Coco Top

So this one I made a few weeks ago (I’m a bit of an eager beaver when it comes to autumn weather/fashion) and since then I’ve just been biting at the bit to finally put it on.  Today did not disappoint!

Yesterday morning I got up and checked the weather — a lovely, breezy high of 55 degrees and clear skies!  So of course I threw on this top; made of a snuggly ponte de roma knit in a gorgeous kelly green, this shirt has just the right amount of stretch to it.  And it’s the perfect garment to wear to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.


Like all coco garments I’ve made, this one was a breeze to throw together!  Even having to remove the cuffs to shorten the sleeves (a few times in a row) didn’t tack on too much time with this piece.  Coco remains my favorite pattern, and ponte my favorite fabric — if only it was good for hot weather!


Not much else to say about this pattern, except that I decided to add the large pocket to the left bottom corner for stashing a lip balm in when I wear it.  I like having it around, even though hip pockets are usually reserved for dresses (and lets be honest, this shirt is almost not long enough to even be called a tunic, let alone a dress).  If you still haven’t tried this pattern, I recommend you order it right this second.  It doesn’t matter your skill level, this is perfect for beginners and advanced dressmakers alike!


One thought on “The Green Coco Top

  1. Super top, the colour is amazing. I haven’t made this pattern in ages, to be honest I had forgotten about it but it would be fab to make some cosy tops.

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